Figosa camera strap

The original Leica strap that came with my MP has started to wear and fray so I started looking for a replacement but I wanted leather this time. Seems, as with all things attached to photography, manufacturers can ramp up the price. Some of the prices I came across for leather camera straps were astronomical.

Then whilst reading Bellamy Hunt’s web site, Japan Camera Hunter, I came across a strap he had bought from Figosa in Italy.

Had a look at their site and liked the look, clean and simple leather, so ordered one. It arrived in a few days and I have to say I like it. Brand new It was a bit stiff but having rubbed it with a soft duster and beeswax it has become beautifully supple and fits the bill perfectly.

If you are in the market for one it will only cost you £22/€25/$34. They also do wrist straps.

Figosa web site.

P.S. I realise there is no protection around the lugs from wear but that doesn’t bother me.